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Показать содержимое по тегу: полиуретан

Guiding channels and tilters of various configurations used in the equipment of rolling and transport lines of tube-rolling mills.

We manufacture various parts for metallurgical plants from polyurethane compositions: Cone rollers, roller conveyors, tilters of various configurations, plates, guide chutes, stoppers, chocks, cuffs of hydro-stands.

The proposed materials are resistant to abrasive wear, they absorb noise, prolong the service life of tilters, rollers, shafts, which reduces downtime up to 30%.

Protective polyurethane casing is used in equipment for the production of hardware and small-sized products. This system is made on the basis of simple polyethers of TDI systems. The design of polyurethane casing is designed and manufactured according to the drawings and customer requirements. Characteristics of materials may vary in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

Custom-made manufacturing. The client can choose any color and size. Direct supplies throughout Russia.

 We produce polyurethane hammers from individual reinforced parts of a lightweight construction weighing from 4 to 7 kg. The hammer is reliable and easy to maintain. All elements are made of heavy-duty polyurethane compositions .With shocks and falls the occurrence of chips and cracks is excluded. A lightweight version of this design is widely used in construction and installation work in hard to reach places, when working in mines.



We will manufacture sea and river buoys to order, universal buoys of any size (size), geometry, and also according to customer’s drawings. Buoys can be used not only for mooring of any floating crafts, but also for marking stationary anchors, when navigating rivers, for marking systems for separating vessels, fixing floating barriers, bathing areas and marking rental points, but also for marking safe swimming areas (do not swim beyond the buoys!)


We make river, sea buoys of the following colors: yellow, red, white, blue, black.

The priority direction of development of our company is the production of support parts from casted polyurethane (hereinafter polyurethane support parts) for road bridge structures with reinforced concrete spans up to 33 m in length, operated in all climatic zones  of Europe in areas with seismicity up to 9 points.


In the manufacture of polyurethane support parts of FAM UE, various types of specially developed additives are used, which make it possible to preserve the physicomechanical characteristics of the material during temperature fluctuations from plus 60 to minus 50 ° C. These additives include structured nano modulators, as well as various oligomers. The result is a stable material, eliminating deformation and cracking.


All products are tested. According to the results of tests of vertical and horizontal loads a conclusion for each batch of products is issued.


We produce movable and fixed polyurethane bearings as well as repair parts for bridges and racks made of modern elastomeric material capable of withstanding heavy loads at temperature drops from -50 to +90 C.


Polyurethane, in contrast to rubber, is a more durable material to atmospheric, temperature and force effects, so that their service life is several times longer than that of rubber-metal bearing parts. This is proved by the experience of using polyurethane support parts in the Republic of Belarus for over 30 years.

Polyurethane discs are widely used in the equipment of pistons used to clean oil and gas pipelines. UE FAM is a supplier of cleaning discs for Beltransgaz OJSC, Gomeltransneft RUE, Beltruboprovodstroy OJSC, Zapad-Transnefteproduct PUE.

The cleaning piston is designed to perform periodic cleaning of the pipeline cavity - removal of the surface loose layer of corrosion products and scale, as well as accidentally caught during construction inside the pipeline of soil, water, foreign objects. The cleaning piston is used to work in the environment of natural gas, gas condensate, petroleum, petroleum products.

 Production of parts from polyurethane for cleaning scrapers, TFR, PRV pistons, cleaning control devices, UCO from 10 "to 55".

 Supporting discs, leading spiked discs, cleaning discs, smooth cuffs, rifled, spiked cuffs with ceramic inserts, spike scrubbing blocks with ceramic inserts. Designed to clean the internal surface of pipelines from paraffin-containing, solid and resinous deposits. Resource cuffs and discs made of polyurethane ranges from 300 km to 800 km.


We offer our own products: Rollers UTF, drum shafts, drive shafts, tension shafts, shockproof shafts, rollers for various purposes of soft and superhard polymers.


Polyurethane coatings on the lug supports of lifts and jacks everywhere replace the use of similar rubber products. The obvious advantages of polyurethane coatings over rubber is primarily in the durability of operation - up to 8 years of high resistance to cuts and abrasion, ease of installation at the workplace.


Production of coatings for any type of elevating equipment.


Our products are made on the European equipment from modified elastomers of the new generation with the most advanced physical and mechanical characteristics.


Warranty period from the date of operation - 18 months.


We manufacture parts for a wide range of machine tools (foreign manufacturers) of horizontal drilling from high-quality, wear-resistant compositions, imported equipment and BAUER elastomer materials, which are superior in their characteristics and properties to rubber goods and metals. All offered products have been tested in various climatic conditions from +50 C to -50 C. We produce the following list of products: seals of any configuration and profile, flange seals, cuffs, wickers, valve seals, support-guide elements, non-standard seals by turning, аs well as assemblies, parts and aggregates of metal of varying complexity according to customer’s drawings. 

Centering inserts of polyurethane composite with fillers significantly reducing friction and with increased abrasive wear, resistant to shock loads for all models of equipment.

Spare parts for DitchWitch horizontal drilling machines, Grundodrill, Hanjin D&B, Universal HDD.


We make the lining of the aerator, of the bends and of the similar products with a diameter from 100mm. up to 2000 mm., as well as bunkers, gutters, chutes and other types of equipment. Primers (hot curing adhesive compositions) of the best European and global manufacturers are used for adhesion of metal surfaces.

We carry out lining with high-quality elastomeric material of various physicomechanical characteristics with a hardness of 55 Shore A up to 72 Shore D, selected for each product separately, when used in different conditions.

Our designers will develop an individual method of lining for each product, on any surface.

Polyurethane lining is used for:

- intensive abrasive wear;

- sticking, freezing of the material, corrosion;

- shock loads.

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