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We manufacture parts of DRW 160 roller washers and their analogues from imported raw materials. Details of the rollers are reliable and durable in operation. It is your choice whether to order a product from a high-quality rubber compound or from a polyurethane modified composition.

Polyurethane wheels for transport trolleys.

We manufacture wheels, rollers, massive tires gummed with polyurethane.

We are restoring new wheel covering for warehouse and construction equipment, lifting and transporting equipment.

Polyurethane is an excellent material with the following advantages:

• high resistance to multiple strains;

• elasticity;

• resistance to abrasive wear;

• high strength (pressure up to 120 MPa);

• resistance to various environments;

• high dielectric properties.

• operating temperature from -50 to + 120 ° С


Rubber rings for connecting asbestos cement pipes of the CAM type: CAM 100, CAM 150, CAM 200, CAM 300, CAM 400.

We manufacture rubber –metal compensators for expansion joints of bridge structures according to STB 1622-2006. Compensators are used in the expansion joints of split, temperature-continuous, continuous and frame span structures of bridges, depending on the linear and angular displacements of the ends of the span structures, which are determined by calculation.

Compensators are installed in the level of the roadway. Manufactured compensators do not have toxic properties and do not have a harmful effect on the human body and the environment.

We carry out tests and provide complete control of the amplitude of vertical and horizontal displacements.


Shock absorbing elements and vibration isolators made of polyurethane for road rollers used in road construction and repair differ from rubber shock absorbers by a longer service life and better elastomer qualities.

We make the lining of plates, gutters, chutes, wheels and rollers and blades for different models of concrete mixers from a heavy-duty elastomer capable of withstanding work in the abrasive environment of any concrete fractions for a long time.


Here you can buy polyurethane blades for concrete mixers at a factory prices.



Rail pad PNB-is a rubber shock absorber for rail fastenings intended for installation on reinforced concrete or wooden sleepers, used to provide longitudinal resistance to the displacement of rails, to reduce dynamic loads and isolation, and on wooden sleepers to prevent wear.