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The main polyurethane industries are oil and gas industry, mining industry, metal industry, building sector. Due to its physical and mechanical characteristics polyurethane products based on polyethers and polyesters possess universal properties  combining high elasticity and abrasion resistance in friction pairs polymer and metal, metal and metal.

The properties described above make it possible to use polyurethane items in mining industry in components of flotation machines, hydro cyclones, screening surfaces, conveyor belt cleaning systems, various details of skip hoists.

Polyurethane items used in oil and gas industry:

pistons of drilling pumps, valves, plugs, seals of various configurations, parts of the upper drive of the drilling rig, models of shutters, desander and desilter systems.

On an industrial scale polyurethane products are used in pipelines for oil and gas transportation.

Products from polyurethane are used in the activities for cleaning, calibration and inspection of the internal cavity of the pipe, specifically - pistons, piston parts, as consumables for various purposes: piston separators, calibration of pistons and their parts, piston monitoring and cleaning devices. Polyurethane products of various configurations are used as consumables for discs, cuffs, cones, skids, blocks.

Resource of the polyurethane products for cleaning oil and gas pipelines manufactured at our company, allows to get items with operational characteristics that exceed standard requirements ( More than 1500 km of effective cleaning of the internal cavity of the pipe).

In metal industry polyurethane products are used in transportation of cold, profile and pipe rolling, in roller conveyors, straight /cone rollers, guideways and others.

Our specialists develop new test pieces and also introduce our products on an industrial scale for various industries.